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In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we have to meet the customers‘ expectations for quality in all areas. That is what the new B&J QUALITY PLUS seal stands for.



In the production process we pursue this goal, for example, with the careful selection of our suppliers, various tests and control checks as well as investments in modern automated production plants ensuring consistent results and finally, products with continuous performance and quality. 

Our commitment to quality is not limited to the products and their manufacture. Quality is also manifested through service, a close and direct customer dialog, short-term product availability and  efficient marketing measures - coordinated by a responsible management and the knowledge that quality can only assert itself through intelligent effort and highly motivated employees. 

QUALITY PLUS  is the essence of our business philosophy with the goal to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels.



Supplier selection

B&J Rocket has set high standards for their suppliers. Key requirements are fair and competitive prices, reliability, quality excellence, consistency and last but not least transparent and open communication and information exchange.


Incoming material pre-check

Correct manufacturing always begins with the material used for production. At both B&J Rocket factories, not a single part goes into production without a prior material check. This also includes (depending on product) tests at independent laboratories. Production will commence only after all these tests have proved to be satisfactory.


Economical and environmentally friendly

The production lines for the various B&J products are checked regularly and, whenever necessary, improved and updated to ensure modern, environmentally friendly and economical manufacturing processes, setting us apart from the competition. Even fully automated robots are part of the B&J machine plant. 



Recording and traceability

We record settings during various steps of the manufacturing process and keep samples for future reference. This helps us to evaluate and isolate a potential defect in case of a resp. claim, but also ensures continuous improvement of the process in its various and numerous single steps.


Process control

We have built-in control mechanisms during all steps of the manufacturing process. Sensors, visual inspection and regular dimension analysis supervise the production through to the final product. This includes regular maintenance of tools and dies, with full servicing after short runs.





Laboratory tests

Laboratory testing is not only reserved for raw material alone. The material is also checked during the various manufacturing steps right up to the end to ensure consistent properties, quality and performance.



Training and education

The staff at B&J Rocket is well trained; most can look back on many years of work with the company. They have a wealth of job experience and product knowledge, in addition to which regular training relating to new processes and state of the art manufacturing is offered to each and every staff member. 


Final inspection

All products are subject to a final inspection. During the packing process all items have to pass a visual dimension and quality check, with detailed lab tests at random - we want to make absolutely sure that our customers receive the quality B&J product they expect when they place the order.




Personal contact

Being available for our customers is of utmost importance. To this end we use modern technology for information, marketing and technical documentation at all times. And if the internet does not provide the desired information, our three offices around the globe, in the various time zones, enable customers to talk to our support staff directly. 


Responsible management

Continuity and reliability are the main focus of the B&J Rocket management.  This ensures jobs and income of its employees and the satisfaction of investors and owners. The key for achieving these targets is to fulfil customer expectations and generate customer satisfaction. This requires not only top quality of the end product, but also service, communication and handling procedures.



Feedback evaluation 

No one knows more about the demands on the performance of a tool than the actual user. This knowledge has always been the source for innovation and development at B&J Rocket. Therefore, close communication with the basis, the users in the workshops around the globe, is essential and maintained with the highest priority. Every feedback and comments we receive is carefully evaluated. 


Product delivery and availability

Almost all products displayed in our catalogs are available from stock for prompt delivery after receipt of order. Even when ordering items out of stock we guarantee delivery within an acceptable time frame.


Information and Support

We have been in the retreading business for over 70 years, during which time we have accumulated a wealth of know-how and experience. We are happy to share this with our loyal customers who in turn can rely on our unconditional support. 



Making informative, supportive and modern communication data available to everyone in the market is another key to customer satisfaction. B&J Rocket‘s up-to-date catalog and homepage are known as one of the most recognised in the industry. Regular reviews, additions and revisions make these valuable live references a reliable source of information about tools currently available to the workshops. We are also present at key exhibitions on a regular basis in order to maintain a direct dialog with our partners and customers. 


Product training

For our customers to get the maximum performance from our tools it is important to train and educate. B&J Rocket School provides a useful training program for just this purpose. Furthermore, we regularly visit our customers around the world to share our intimate product knowledge, as well as make suggestions for improvement wherever desired. 





Service network

It is our philosophy to maintain a tight service network which includes after sales support in every country around the globe. With the help of our broad network of B&J Rocket dealers worldwide we ensure a local contact person speaking the local language. This is yet another B&J value added advantage.



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