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Q-Plus Check-Up Promotion – B&J makes an interim assessment

July 2013 - The B&J Rocket marketing promotion has had a successful start  



“We want loyalty to pay off!” With these words Andreas Müller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket, kicked off the worldwide marketing campaign in January, which will cover the entire calendar year. For years B&J Rocket rasp systems are considered to be most effective and reliable tools in the retreading business. On the one hand the company owes this success story to their sales partners worldwide, on the other hand to the retreaders as users. The intensive dialog contributes to the constant improvement of products and services and represents an important step in the Quality Plus program which was launched by B&J some time ago.

With the Q-Plus check-Up promotion customers can acquire vouchers with the purchase of original B&J buffing blades and, depending on the number of vouchers, they can then either have their rasp head overhauled and, if not yet on hand, upgraded with the TURBO technology or receive a completely new rasp head including fitting as desired.

The customer collects his invoices for B&J buffing blade purchases throughout the calendar year 2013. For every 500 sets he receives a voucher, which he can trade in immediately. Or he collects more vouchers with further blade purchases to trade in other services at no cost to the customer for either product or services. Only freight costs are charged.

After nearly 6 months running period B&J draws up an interim assessment. “We have seen a significant increase in demand”, Müller summarizes. Now customers need to check how far the requirements for the purchase of vouchers have been met and/or how many blade purchases are yet needed. B&J emphasizes that only flawless rasp heads achieve best results for longevity. 

Further information is available directly on Additionally, dealers are actively involved in the Q-Plus Check-Up loyalty campaign.




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