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March 2011 – B&J spotlights new Grinder and Extruder offerings

B&J Rocket America is proud to showcase its line of high quality grinders and extruders for the repair of tires.  “We’re very proud of our new range of products to aid in the repair of tires.  These tools suit our goal of bringing B&J quality to all areas of common need in a modern retreading facility.  All are German made, high quality tools, including our exclusive Air Grinder Ergonomic.  The Air Grinder Ergonomic (catalog page 58) features the ability to deeply buff a section of tire by simply dropping the carbide wheel onto the tire as opposed to having to maneuver around your hand/motor with a conventional grinder.  This tool has been extremely well received thus far,” states Todd Hart, General Manager, B&J Rocket America.

Another B&J exclusive, the Portable Star Wheel Grinder (catalog page 60) has proven to be an effective tool not only in the conveyor segment, but also as a viable alternative to toxic solutions in restoring expired sections of the underside of a pre-cure tread.  “It leaves an evenly buffed, uniform texture,” says Hart.

Also available is the range of Bosch extruders to suit every tire/volume size, found on page 67 of the B&J catalog.

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