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September 2012 - B&J ROCKET keeps its promise.

The new AIRBOT® series goes into production


B&J Rocket has begun the manufacturing of the innovative successor of the worldwide established B&J RFBOT buffing tool.  

It began on this year’s REIFEN fair in Essen, Germany: when the Swiss company presented the prototypes of the new AIRBOT® series at the fair in June for the first time the customers were enthusiastic. More efficiency, considerably shorter buffing times and longer lifetime due to better cooling were the arguments that convinced the visitors at the booth and led to first pre-orders. Now that production has started as planned, delivery will be soon.  However, the development at B&J has not ended after Essen. Further improvements could be included in the production. The already ‘aggressive’ design and its functions were refined even more and the mounting of the Carbide tool was upgraded from a conventional round hole with thread to a more powerful hexagon socket. 

"This provides a much better grip without any slip“, as Andreas Müller, the Managing Director of B&J Rocket, explains. The company sees the continuous development and optimization as part of the worldwide introduced QUALITY PLUS campaign.  Müller is convinced: “The new AIRBOT® series will be a hit! “ 



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