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All B&J Carbides are generally available in all common grit sizes. To select the proper carbide type and grit size use this overview. It shows all versions of grits next to most commonly used grit sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff to assist you in selecting the best suitable carbide type and grit size for your B&J carbide. B&J carbide grit samples are available upon request.
With your order of carbides, place the grit code (2 letters / 3 letters) at the end of the article number
(-xx / -xxx).
Decide on the largest range - Choose B&J Carbides.

Copper Carbides from B&J are famous. Their quality in measurement and roundness without vibration is unmatchable. B&J Copper Carbides run smoothly and last longer. Today we offer more than 1,200 different Copper Carbides versions:

  • Optimized number and placement of cooling holes and slots
  • No contamination of the rubber
  • Runs without vibrations

Patriot stands for B&J's unique and patented cooling technology for Carbide tools. Its convex/concave base design increases air circulation below the grit surface. This phenomenon is so efficient that additional cooling holes and slots become unnecessary. Customers' feedback after using the PATRIOT carbides is a significantly longer lifetime vs. conventional Carbides. This makes PATRIOT the most economic Carbide tool available.

Steel Shot Grit
B&J offers a wide selection of most common tools in Steel Shot Grit. You can benefit from B&J's proven quality level with this specially gritted range of tools. Steel Shot Grit is very popular for sensitive buffings, for instance for the inside/innerliner buffing of tires. It's smooth and uniform grit surface provides an even and clean texture. B&J Steel Shot Grit - for the sensitive jobs!

Super = Performance & Life time. The latest technology in grinding tools combines the PATRIOT cooling technique with Steel Shot Grit in one tool. It generates a smooth, regular texture and provides a very economic tool lifetime.

Developed and patented by B&J