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A long and trusted companion in tire and retread shops, the B&J Omega Bead Seater is an efficient way to mount rim to tire.  Offered in a variety of sizes to fit the most popular tire/rim combinations, the Omega Bead Seater means many years of quick tire mounting in your shop.

For Truck Tires
The B&J Model 250 truck tire bead seating system provides the most efficient, quickest and sometimes only way to seat the beads of today’s truck tires. Easy to operate ball valve with lever handle, the Model 250 includes 8’ of 1" diameter hose, hand operated valve and choice of ring (specify ring part number).

Air Requirements
145 to 175 PSI Supply line must be 1" diameter or larger, 8’ long and attached directly to the air tank in the shop or to optional surge tank to provide sufficient air volume for seating cycle.


B&J Omega Model 250 Universal (20" - 24 1/2") incl. hose

Art. No: 153250-10

B&J Omega Model 250 (22 1/2") incl. hose

Art. No: 153250-14

Ring 14 1/2" - 16 1/2"

Art. No: 153212

Ring 17 1/2" - 19 1/2"

Art. No: 153211

Ring 20" - 24 1/2"

Art. No: 153210

Ring 17 1/2" only

Art. No: 153213

Ring 22 1/2" only

Art. No: 153214

8’ of 1" diameter hose (incl. valve)

Art. No: 153103

20 Gallon Tank complete, inc. Relief safety valve, Face Bushing, Pipe plug,
Air Tank Gauge, Reducer Bushing and Reducer

Art. No: 153100