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Pollution Control Systems

Anti Heat and Smoke Systems for Buffers

  • Eliminate the development of heat and smoke
  • Reduce fire hazards and scorching considerably
  • Replace costly filters
  • Increase rasp blade life
  • Improve adhesion
  • Easy to install

The Electrical Control Unit measures the electrical power consumption (current transformer) of the Buffing Machine during the buffing of tires. The ECU sprays water onto the Rasp through Block Nozzles. The amount of water is proportional to the power consumption in three different preset levels.

Vacuum Cyclones / Dust Extraction

Durability and performance are strongly related to the operating temperature generated during the buffing process. Next to the use of "Turbo" cooling channels inside each rasp head, the special self cooling 'Super Cool' refills and the air-cooled spacers it is also very important to have an efficient rubber dust extraction system installed. Therefore, B&J offers the most important accessory: the pollution control system and highly efficient vacuum cyclones.

  • The pollution control system not only reduces heat and smoke, but also reduces the risk of fire hazards and scorching.
  • The unique B&J vacuum cyclones are known as the most efficient buffing dust extractors. As a closed system their efficiency rate is 95 to 98% for dust particles larger than 10 microns. Open, conventional systems have an efficiency of max. 80%.

Contact us and get your individually customized offer. Start protecting the environment and provide a clean and safe working area.

Pollution Control System

ECU-3 Standard (for single head buffing machines) Art. No: 174003
ECU-3 Twin Head (for twin head buffing machines) Art. No: 174004

ECU-3 (US-Version)

Art. No: 174002
Block Nozzles for spraying water Art. No: 174021

Tube nozzles

Art. No: 174020

Hand Sharpener

Hand Resharpening Carborundum Stone

Art. No: 819206

Vaccum Cyclones

Cyclone 30" with 7.5 HP Motor & 24" Fanwheel (Suction performance approx: 5830 m³/h)

Art. No: 174011

Cyclone 30" with 15 HP Motor (Suction performance: 9408 m³/h)

Art. No: 174012

Cyclone 36" with 30 HP Motor (Suction performance: 13440 m³/h)

Art. No: 174013

Vaccum Cyclone Legs

Leg Structure for B&J Cyclone Art. No: 174101

Vaccum Cyclone Container

Steel container approx 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 m, airtight vaccum type with door 1.42 x 2.38 m. Incl. sprinkler head, air inlet, sensor system capacity and suspension arrangement for buffing dust polysacks.

Art. No: 174015